Monday, April 2, 2012

All new Citadel Texture Paints


I have not yet tested Citadel's new basing paints range called "texture paints"
This segment of the new range is supposed to simplify basing and make the process of basing your models a lot faster.

Although the product in itself seems interesting I don't believe it to be a game changer.
The way of presenting it as replacing conventionnal basing materials is imho a mistake.

Texture paints are a plus in the world of basing models and furthermore in the world of painting minis.
But going through the hassle of basing all my models with these products (especially at 3Euros a pot) is imo hard to sell to experienced hobbyists.
Conventionnal  basing materials (such as glue and sand) still have peaceful days in front of them.

See how this man is barely convinced by what he is saying:

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