Friday, June 29, 2012

Starting a new army for allies?

Given that unholy alliances is one of the new comings of 6th Ed 40k I found myself contemplating the idea of partying with another army. 
Being a tau player I feel more enclined to fielding xenos armies in an attempt to resist the power armor frenzie.

Recently I felt like painting single mini's so here's my selection from my store's single model failcast minis:

 My take on Imotekh the stormlord:

Lelyth hesperax feeling blue:

Also before I did these I painted a new broadside for my evergrowing tau army:

6th Edition warhammer 40k is just around the corner (coming out tomorrow).
So I'll probably stand away from painting for a while to read some rules...

Hope you enjoyed!
peace out.

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