Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tau Commission

Lately I've been giving a try to commission painting, IE assembling and painting someone else's minis for a (too)small fee.

So far I've done 24 firewarriors(custom scheme) and 28 kroot and a shaper(standard scheme) .

You can see here the finished product.
(notice some of the firewarrior's bases were left intentionally blanc as per client request)

The bases I've done using the citadel texture "Blackfire earth" paint(also client request).

Funny how I have a post on this blog saying how I was not impressed by them.
Well, after using them on nearly 50 models I can't say my opinion has changed much.

I found applying the paste to be a bit of a hassle...well, that is more then simply using glue.

Nonetheless I am happy about how these models came out and hope the client will enjoy them.

untill next time,

happy hobbying!

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