Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some terrain and an oldie

Haven't gotten much done as far as miniature painting lately so I though I'd make some terrain to mix it up a bit.
I had a bunch of unused cities of death bits laying around so this was the occasion to use them.
I wanted to make something of a small bombed out outpost...well thats the look I was going for.

The panel with the opened door is from an old GW 90's terrain box set called Imperial Firebase which was plastic and cardboard. The wrecked vehicle is the back of an ork trike from the Gorkamorka box set.
Always a cool feeling to make something out with bits lying around.
As a bonus feature here's an old 90's model in the form of a pound of metal Ravenwing land speeder.

Hope you enjoyed and as always happy wargaming!

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