Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tau commission Part 4: Forge World Broadsides

Two of these were handed to me in a strange state: already assembled on 60mm bases with loads of superglue and a heavy primer sprayed on what seemed to be unwashed resin.

Reassembling these to make them fit on a 40mm was indeed a pain.(client request)
I thought about stripping the primer off but figured it wasn't part of the job I was getting payed for so I then decided to move on...and proceeded to go and brake some very fragile ankles. :s

The color scheme was again a client request:
I went with a base of citadel Khorne red with heavy nuln oil wash followed with highlights of the same khorne red...and though its a quite simple scheme I'm quite happy about how it turned out.

I also went for some blue OSL on those backpacks...afterthought I probably could of gone with a green glow but the blue does seem to give the models some variation.
The bases were done using the usual citadel blackfire texture paint which I won't go on about.

Anyways hope the client likes them, hope you enjoyed, and as always happy wargaming!


  1. Very Very Nice! It makes me miss my painting just now, but the clients orders were, "Study for your exams first" Sad Face :(

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      Hope you'll be able to post some new pics soon.
      Best of luck with your studies! ;)


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