Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dark Vengeance Part 5 and Final: Limited Edition Interrogator Chaplin Seraphicus - AoBR deadnought

Here he is the terrible and feared Seraphicus... horrible name for such a cool mini.
I put "Limited" in quotes because there has been rumors lately that the plastic sprue for this mini from the Limited Edition Dark Vengeance box set will be re-released at the same time as the new Dark Angels codex(well that last part is just me speculating).

Anyways I had a blast painting this mini.

I also had the dreadnought from "Assault on Black Reach" assembled and laying around so I decided to slap some paint onto him too.

Hope you enjoy and as always happy hobbying!


  1. Top notch work there. I love the discolouration on the multi melta.

    1. Its GW Tin Bitz with some washes using a tutorial from FTW:

    2. Btw this is a great one too:

  2. Very very nice! Is the freehand on the cape scultped on or did you do it yourself. Looks fanastic! My exams are almost over so watch my blog over the next fortnight as there may be a new post! CANNOT WAIT!

  3. Thanks guys!
    very much appreciated.
    @ProGolf3r its Embossed so yeah no work on my part.


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