Friday, January 25, 2013

Deathwing Knights Part 1

Not succumbing to your addiction to plastic minis is no easy feat, especially when faced with a long awaited codex release accompanied with some wicked minis.

As soon as I sat eyes on the deathwing knights I knew I'd have to get my own. So I went and bought myself the deathwing command squad box-set.
I can only recommend this box-set for the shear amount and diversity of bits you get from it.
Regardless of what unit you want to build as long as their terminators you will have a use for something on these sprues.

Some recommend using the knights front torsos to build terminator characters and I believe its a good way to go to get the most out of this box-set. Because in-game the knights aren't really that good due to the high AP of their weapons that are only really tailored to beat CSM (ap -1 vs CSM units).

But since I loved the look of the knights I decided to just go ahead and build them...and figured I could always proxy them as TH/SS Terminators if I ever needed.

The only thing I wasn't a huge fan of were the maces so I decided to swap them for blades.
The bits I used I ordered from kromlech's ebay store (which is a polish third party bits company).
Epic models need epic bases so I went for my usual scenic bases made out of tree bark.

I realize my painting has slowed down in the past months but I'll continue posting my latest work here no worries about that.

More pics and the rest of the squad coming soon, hope you enjoyed and as always happy hobbying!


  1. Great paint job and the halberd kinda fixes that last gimmie a hug pose too - bonus!

  2. I agree, the halberds are way better than the maces. Nice work!

    1. Very much appreciated.
      Not a huge fan of maces to start out with but even less when they look like balls of encens on sticks.
      Thank you for your comment!

  3. Just simply wonderful, is that nmm on the halberd or washes with metallic silver? Very nice as always hope to see some more soon.

    1. Yes they are NMM but I still have lots of progress to make in wet blending...very much appreciated nonetheless. Thank you for your comment!


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