Monday, January 28, 2013

Deathwing Knights Part 2

Hey there!
As promised, here is the rest of the squad close enough from completion(forgot to clean up those base lips) as well as group photos in front of one of my favorite pieces of terrain.


Hope you enjoyed, and as always, happy hobbying!


  1. they look really nice, i like the metal effects on the halberds can i ask which colors you used for that?


    1. Hi there!
      Firs off thank you for your comment.
      Here are the colors I used for the blades:

      mechanicus standard grey, codex grey, fortress grey, skull white (yes thats a lot of greys and mostly the old ctitadel range)

      So basically 3 greys and a white but if you know how to blend you could probably only use one grey.

      check out my article on NMM if you are interested
      anyways hope this helps.

  2. The only thing I would suggest would be more washes/highlights on the stone. Right now it is a bit flat, so I think some more contrast would be great for it. Other than that I love them!

  3. Agreed some of the shields do look too flat...I'll see what I can do about that.
    Thank you for your comment cpyke!

  4. wonderful painting looking forward to seeing more of your work

  5. Hi again Malthus! So both of us won something from the masterminis giveaway which is pretty awesome! I was wondering if you would like to trade the Space Hulk box that you won for the limited edition chaos codex that I won? On ebay (at least here in the US) they are around the same price, so I figured that if you would rather have the codex, it could be a good trade since I have a blood angels army. So if you are interested, let me know, but no pressure. And glad we both won something!

    1. Zomg I can't believe I won!
      This prize is the one and only thing I always wanted but couldn't afford...
      Thank you for introducing me to this blog as maybe making me win the prize of my dreams.

      Glad you also won something.

    2. No problem! I'm looking forward to seeing your models! Are you going to convert them to Dark Angels, or keep them as Blood Angels?

    3. I was just contemplating the idea...might just do the set as its supposed to be...dunno yet.

  6. Great work with these knights man, really clean! I just picked up DV myself and am gearing myself up to doing some Deathwing but the chaos chosen were a little too tempting to start with (pics of one on my blog if you're interested...). Really love the bases you've got them on as well. Simple but suitably epic.

    Really like your style man, keep up the great work!



    1. Thank you Phil!
      Very much appreciated.
      I only got the DA from the boxset and my bro is hogging the chaos stuff...
      The bases are done with tree back I have a forest nearby with trees that shed big lumps of bark every once in a while. I don't recommend getting it from live trees(after all its one of their best protections) unless its already shed or tree is already cut down.....Thank you for your comment!


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