Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tau commander

 Just a little update on some of my commission work.

A tabletop standard xv8 crisis tau commander...fully magnetized (the 8 weapon options and so is the head to swap to a regular xv8 if needed).
As well as a dozen drones...which I was too lazy to take pictures of.
Yes the head has a I couldn't fix the failcast.
*Shakes fist in the air and screams: "FINECAAAST!"*

I'm currently working on a deathwing command squad involving AoBr terminators and bits from the command boxset...I'm only telling you so I'll get motivated to get them done.

Hope you enjoyed and happy hobbying!


  1. Nice as always mate, keep up the good work. Have you seen the latest tau rumours yet, seems as if we are actually getting new stuff and not just upgrades of the stuff we have. Let's pray that GW get good sculpters and don't put everything in fine cast!! Also what does AoBr stand for? ... Stop laughing at my noobity ...XD

  2. Thanks again Pr0Golf3r!
    I try not to get too excited about the tau rumors because I've been let down so many times before...I would be excited if a new flyer came out though. ;)
    Wait and see...
    PS: AoBR = Assault on Black Reach.

  3. Ah no wonder I didn't get the abbreviation, its been so long since I have heard of AoBr. And yeah I am taking the rumours with a pinch of salt as well :)


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