Friday, April 19, 2013

Tau commission Part 5: XV104 Riptide battlesuit.

Well didn't think I'd disappeared now did you?
The model is part of a larger commission and though near completion is still a wip...well as much as a wip as I dare to post on this blog.
Not that I like to eat my desert first but it was client request that this model was completed first.
So here it is...well most of it...since every weapon and option is magnetised.
Liking very much the model itself, can't wait to get my own.

Hope you enjoyed and as always happy hobbying!


  1. Really nice work there Malthus, as per usual. Don't worry about disappearing, no one can go away as long as me. Once again really nice, what did you do for the red armour, I'd quite lick to steal that for my own tau.

    1. Thanks as always!
      Had to take better, pics...well imo these are better. So the red trick is quite simple: nuln oil...lots of it.
      Then do some edge highlighting with the base color (in this case khorne red)
      Thanks again you for your comment!


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