Friday, April 26, 2013

Tau commission Part 6: Tau Characters

Hey guys,
Another update on the latest on the tau I painted for my client/buddy.
Lets start with the fireblade:
Was kinda sceptical about the model at first, but now that I've seen him I think he's awesome.
I knew the single model plastic sprue were good but this one only confirms it. 
The only thing I regret is to not have gotten more time to work on him.

The Darkstrider model on the other hand, isn't so bad but the fact that its finecast meant lots of cleaning had to be done beforehand for it just to look decent.
So yeah at first when I got this model I thought it was really good mold and GW had come a long way since their first failcasts.
That argument still stands but the fact that I had so much cleaning to do makes the whole experience of building the mini less enjoyable...and makes forgetting to thoroughly clean the models before spraying that much more painful. :s

Enough whining about failcast, lets show some minis!

Hope you enjoyed and as always, happy hobbying!


  1. Nice paint work as always Malthus. I prefer Fireblade out of these two, he has more of an action pose and has a lot more going on. Also I think his paint job is a wee bit better than the other one. Quick question, did you use an air brush for these minis or paintbrush? Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your comment as always!

      Yeah I ended up not doing so good on the finecast side of things...and it kinda showed in my painting.

      Both models were painted with a brush after being sprayed with chaos black.

      Thanks again!

  2. Nice work Malthus mate. Interesting colour scheme for Tau as well. Much darker than the classic tones that are used. I really like the Cadre Fireblade model, even if he does look like he's put on a bit of beef ;P

    1. Thank you for you comment!
      Very much appreciated.


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