Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tau commission part 7: XV104 riptide battlesuit

Here's another one for my buddy...who's grown fawn of riptides.
The color scheme requested was to be the same as the previous one but with colors inverted.(grey and red that is)
Once again it is fully magnetized.
The kneeing pose is no easy feat to achieve, especially if you are not familar with the kit.
The joints in the legs all already have a pin and hole system that you have to remove in order to pose them differently. 
I had to pin the ankle to the foot on the kneeing leg to make sure it stayed in place.

Anyways had a blast getting this model done and hope the client enjoys it .

Hope you enjoyed and as always, happy hobbying!


  1. That looks really nice Malthus. I do have one question, what was it like to paint? Was it a massive pain in the derrière like normal Tau kits or was it actually quite easy and straight forward. I have know doubt I will be getting one soon so I just want to know what I'll be letting myself in for. Nice paint job again, thanks.

    1. Thanks again for your comment: very much appreciated.

      This is quite a massive kit so you better get yourself motivated before laying down those base coats.
      When painting several layers you might want to consider painting this model in smaller sections: legs first, arms, torso, backpack...that's what I do to make it easier to cope with.
      Thank again!


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