Sunday, June 23, 2013

Assault on Black Reach (AoBR) Part 1: Ultramarines

Long time no post...yet again.
I know I don't post very often but when I do I make sure its not some WIP but something tabletop ready because that's just the way I decided to go with this blog.
The client asked to see these so I'm only following orders...with pleasure that is.
As some well known internet personality says: it makes me happy inside.
Next in line are the orks from this same box set (AoBR that is).
Which for those who do not know was the previous starter set for 40k (dark vengeance being the current one) .

Hope you enjoyed, and as always happy hobbying!



  1. Tempted not to be the first commenter but screw it. Those look nice Malthus, are there anymore marines to come because I would personally love to see some more smurfs. Also can't wait to see how you tackle the orks with the approach to their skin tones. Great work!

    1. I am currently contemplating the ork skin tone issue myself a few days to ask and look around before I actually start to tackling it. ;)
      Anyways thank you for your comments as they are always very much appreciated.
      Btw nice article on taleofpainters I really appreciated the tutorial you linked.
      Keep up the good work!

  2. They look very nice, I think you did a very good job on them!

    1. Thanks man, positive comments are always appreciated.

      Nice blog you have there! ;)

  3. Those are looking great really good! I like the powersword's paintjob.

    1. Thanks a lot.
      For the swords I was inspired by this article:
      But the technique I ended up using was in fact the Girlpaining NMM technique as shown on my blog.
      Thanks again!


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