Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tau Sniper drone team

Tau sniper drones are cool, well these are because they're mine.
This week in our all new segment of blogging humor I bring you: sarcasm.

These guys are the latest addition to my blue and white tau army.

The scheme is similar to the XV15 stealth teams due to them having the same rule: stealth .
 I had planned to add some blue glow to the weapons but decided it might be too much (or just got lazy).

Hope you enjoyed, and until next time, happy hobbying!


  1. I really like that blue + the highlights, looks very good. And finally someone who also takes care of the clear bases :)

    by the way "Vengeance Noire" sounds pretty cool ^^

    1. Thanks I've grown quite fawn of it too:
      Simple drybrush of regal blue (dark blue) on a black base and highlights with ice blue.
      Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Yeah really nice work there Malthus. And they do look stealthy.


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