Saturday, July 6, 2013

Assault on Black reach Part 3 : Ork nobz

I always liked the concept of an ork Nob: a bigger meaner badder version of an ork, they're all about competition and natural some form of 40k Darwinism.
And here they are, well those I managed to take a decent picture of...

Hope you enjoyed and as always happy hobbying!


  1. They look 'ruf'n'redy' as the orks would say! Nice freehand and horns. The yellow is really nice as well. Any hinters as to how you did that. Also any more on the way?

    1. The important thing to do when you're painting yellow is to giving it a good base to sit on.
      In this case I used calthan brown (out of print) which is a slighlty lighter mournfang brown...they're what's called "terracota" browns.
      The yellow is several thin layers of averland sunset(even though its a "base" color it needed several layers).
      Once its all dried the magic is then done by adding a wash of agrax eathshade to the surface.
      Got that last part from the tutorial(he used Iyanden Darksun which is OOP instead of averland sunset)
      You can then highlight with more yellow and white if you wish.
      Hope this helps!
      Oh and I only have the warboss left to do.
      I also have completed an ethereal and a riptide is a sitting WIP on my desk...more to come!

    2. Its "terracotta" by the way.
      And as always thank you for you comments and interest in my work!

    3. Bonne anniversaire et toi etc etc my French is a bit rusty but it can get me a drink and a meal so I'm not complaining! XD Ha ha yes I noticed your age changed on your profile! Happy birthday mate! Sorry if this produces a lot a birthday wish comments.

    4. Merci beaucoup! It was last week but took me some time to realize I had to change my age...anyways that's very thoughtful thank you. No apologies needed. ;)


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