Sunday, July 28, 2013

Forge World Tau Tetras

Yet another unit for the greater good!
And yet another one for my buddy's ever-growing tau army

The scheme had to fit in with the rest of the army but I wanted to give them something special.

The scheme was greatly inspired by the beautiful tau army over at  Frontline Gaming that you can see in this batrep...which is where you can see the flashy colored lines with tau markings came from.

They look cool, do a cool thing...these are pretty much the bearings of an awesome model.

Hope the client enjoys them.
And hope you enjoyed!
Until next time, happy hobbying!


  1. How much disposable income does your client have! It would take me years to save up my pocket money to get all the stuff you have painted for him! Anyways, that's a really nice paint job there Malthus, I really like the green stripe, it makes the model snap out from a distance and really entices you in. Oh and I have finally chosen a colour scheme for my Tau so stay tuned for a Kroot Test model coming in the next week. Great Work again!

    1. A fair amount but really nothing insane, He's just good at saving it and buying second hand minis at the right price.(these were new in bag but second hand)

      Looking forward to seeing your kroot!
      Thanks for your comment as always!


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