Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tau ethereal

A new hope...
In a galaxy far far away there was a lone ethereal who didn't know what to play...should it be 40k?
Just a simple showcase of my latest addition to my tau army...and yes I like making a big fuss about it. :p
But since I am I guess I'll jump on the occasion to talk a little about the model in-game.

The two major props are the leadership boost to all units within 12" as well as its four "spells" which also have a range of 12"...and which are awesome btw.
The "spell" that allows you to make one additional half range shot with pulse weaponry to every unit within 12" is one for example.
To sum it up this guy creates a 12" bubble of awesomeness around him for your units to take advantage of.
So yeah that's the ethereal a little dude who tweaks your entire army...another prop is if you take the tau empire warlord traits with this guy you can single out 3 of them(mainly because he can't shoot or have jetpacks) to try and get that one you really want.

Hope you enjoyed this little breakdown of the unit as well as the pics, and as always happy hobbying!


  1. Nice work. It's good to see some of your own Tau breaking the scene instead of the commission work. I am currently tearing my hair out and cursing at a Vespid, their skin tone is a lot harder than it looks!

    1. Thanks man. Yeah vespid are a tough one to crack. I think I'd probably go with an alternate scheme if I could or just look into a blue wash for simplicity's sake.
      Still working on my own riptide, before some more commission work arrives this weekend.
      Thanks as always!


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