Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tau XV104 Riptide battlesuit

Couldn't keep this away from you any longer.
Here is my own personal behemoth of a almost all its glory.
I said I wouldn't post any WIPs but this is close enough from completion that I thought I'd digress.
The base lip needs cleaning up, and the fusion blaster is not sitting straight on the first pic(magnetized bitz will do that for you)...but it was already looking so good to me that I had to post these.
The backpack still needs some painting amongst other things...

Nonetheless hope you enjoyed.
Until next time, happy hobbying!


  1. Yeah that is really nice Malthus, you should be pleased with that one.

    1. I am thank you!
      As always, very much appreciated.

  2. Bonjour Malthus ^^

    Que voilà un excellent travail sur cette armure Tau (spécialement les reflets verts !!). J'aime beaucoup ton trait de peinture et ta palette assez restreinte en nombre de couleurs.

    J'ai vu que nous étions les derniers inscrits sur House of PainCakes et cela m'a permit de visiter ton blog. J'apprécie tellement ton travail que je me suis référencé en tant que membre et mis ton blog dans le blogroll de mon Temple :

    Si tu veux appliquer la réciproque, il ne faut surtout pas te priver !! XD

    Au plaisir d'avoir ta visite très bientôt,



    1. Merci à toi ces compliments me touchent beaucoup!

      Je m'en vais de ce pas te renvoyer la politesse.

      Et si tu n'es pas trop allergique à l'anglais j'ai une petite video concernant GW à laquelle m'a fait penser ton article sur le warfo:

      au plaisir de te lire!

  3. Hi Malthus,

    Love all of your Blue & White Tau Army paint jobs!

    Have you ever done a walk-through/youtube video of how you painted your army.

    I am starting Warhammer 40k for the 1st time and your tau army have inspired me to start with the Tau.

    I would love to do something similar to your paint scheme with a twist of my own.

    1. Hey Mark,
      First of all, Thank you very much!

      No I haven't done a tutorial for anything because to me its really simple work and most important I presently do not have the time.

      Here's a simple work-through on how I painted this model:
      Chaos Black primer
      Kantor Blue drybrush (actually regal blue but thats OOP paint but this is what does the trick: drybrushing)
      Lothern Blue edging (this is the painful part)

      The greens are done with
      Warpstone Glow base
      Moot green drybrush

      The Fang edging
      Dawnstone edging

      Vivid Blues(like fusion blasters):
      Caledor sky base
      Lothern Blue thin line
      Lothern Blue + white even thinner line

      Practice makes perfect (I know its lame but its true)

      I was thinking about doing a tutorial on the bases but have yet to find the motivation to do so.

      Hope this helps anyways.
      Thank you for you comment and best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

  4. Greetings from Spain!
    I tried for many hours many schemes based on Black & Dark Blue tones in my tau army and finally think I've found inspiration in your army

    Thank you very much, your work is great!

    1. Muchas gracias!
      Me encanta lo que dices.
      Mucha suerte!

  5. Do you just dry brush all the black armour parts in kantor blue? thats so smart.

    1. And still the #1 time-saving technique among painters: drybrushing. :p

    2. maybe second highlight could be dried brushed as well, with a loss in quality of course but still look great. what do you think?

    3. Then it'll have to be a very light drybrush. ;)

  6. A stormsurge in this scheame would look absolutely hardcore. Any more wips on this scheame you would like to share ?

    1. Just completed a stormsurge..but in red and grey.
      For this scheme I only have a couple of halfway converted to meltas xv15's wainting on the sideline. :p

  7. No, this one uses washes(aka talent in a bottle).
    But you could do something similar to this in red using a drybrush of khorne red as well as a bright red for highlights/lining. :)


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