Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tau special character: Farsight

This model was always a personal favorite of mine from the get-go of the latest Tau Empire release.
Unfortunately I hardly ever play special characters so I saw less interest in-game for it than a riptide..but the model itself is worth getting just to get a look at.
I love the dynamic pose and how its enhanced by the flying ribbons.
I decided to magnetize the ribbon on the sword because I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to brake off.

I can't say I am completely thrilled about the job I did on this but in the end quite pleased with the atmosphere of the model...hence the load of pictures.

Hope you enjoyed,
Until next time,
Happy hobbying!


  1. That's great! He looks gritty and battle ready. Just how I imagine he would look.

  2. Is that Garry's NMM I see on the blade, very nice!

  3. Thanks guys very much appreciated.

  4. @Pr0Golf3r the colors on the NMM are indeed inspired by the ones used in the Taleofpainters tutorial but I only used 3 colors to recreate it: sotek green, ice blue (lothern blue), skull white.


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