Sunday, January 12, 2014

What were they thinking!? (a tyranid codex commentary)

It has returned, and fallen upon us all...the codex bash we were all hoping would never happen again.

To set the mood here's most 40k fans reactions after reading every out-coming news from the tyranid codex:

This only being my way of stating how off the new codex falls as to what the expectations where for this new release...but perhaps people's(as well as mine) expectations were too high?

Here you can see Reece from frontlinegaming being an entertaining dick about the whole thing:

It's always a fun experience to try new things even if they aren't the next best thing...only this time its might take even more time to get used to...because the strong builds people find at first glance, well, aren't very strong...and are underwhelming to say the least(new model/unit spam?).

Now don't get me wrong even if the codex seems to be very sub par in the actual meta I don't think no one should play it...I'm just  like everyone, puzzled as to how to do stay strapped in, as people inflict onto themselves the choice of awkward!

Hope you enjoyed this short ramble, and wish you a happy wargaming! 

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