Sunday, March 9, 2014

Astra Militarum

Here's a small bit about the next 40k model release, Astra Militarum, or as we are all used to calling them: Imperial Guard.

Kyle over at 40k radio had called it and here are the leaked pics of the new models:

Not a huge fan of the design of the new stormtroopers but I can see the attract of a steam-punk like IG army in an attempt to return to the old fluff(all I can think of is it looks like warmachine).
I respect that but I'm just not a fan of this style as I like to go for something with a more futuristic look...a matter of taste.

Now here's the real puzzle and a worthy return for my infamous AVGN rant:

The four treads are imho the biggest design it a tank? is it a truck? is it an ork battlewagon?
or something from the late squats?
Very steampunky look in any case...and since I'm not a fan of the steampunk look I see nothing to redeem the design flaws I believe it has.

Waiting to see the rumored Ogryns I mean Bullgryns (they gotta stop with these ridiculous name-changes).


Hope you enjoyed!
Until next time, happy hobbying!


  1. Mais ils respirent la finesse et la délicatesse ces Ogryns (A mon âge et vu toutes les campagnes que j'ai connues, je ne changerais plus d'appellations, surtout quand les nouvelles sont nazes ^^) !!

    Tu vas t'y lancer dans la GI ??

    Au fait : as tu vu que je t'avais gratifié d'une décoration sur mon Temple :

    Faveur : J'ai mis en ligne du contenu en anglais (en fait j'ai copié la prose d'un ami ^^) ici :

    Sachant que tu es davantage versé dans la langue anglaise que nous, serais tu assez aimable pour corriger les fautes d'orthographe/de syntaxe s'il te plait ??

    Merci infiniment !! ^^



    1. Au sujet de la traduction:
      N'étant moi même pas un joueur d'infinity je ne suis malheureusement pas d'une grande aide sur le vocabulaire technique.

      ça vaut ce que ça vaut et c'est plus du bricolage qu'autre chose mais voici quand même ma trad:


      - Players determine the number of orders they wish to have in their starting pool (don't use orders from models who are not on the table turn one).

      - Then they separate their pool of orders in two, secretly choosing one and placing it in their hand. When both players agree, they reveal their bets. Whoever has the most orders wins initiative.

      - The player who won the initiative chooses his table side and deploys as many minis as he has bet. Then his opponent does the same . The winner of initiative then deploys all his remaining figures, then his opponent does the same.


      - The player who won the initiative decides which player plays his impetuous first. Impetuous are played at the beginning of each round without taking into account the set of orders. The chosen player plays his impetuous then his opponent does the same.

      - Players secretly bet part of their pool orders. Whoever bid the least orders plays a first sequence orders equal to his bet, then his opponent does the same . If it's an equality, the winner of the initiative decides who goes first. Then, players bet some of their remaining pool orders and play again. Once a player has no orders, his opponent plays all of his remaining orders. Once each player has no orders the round ends.
      Lieutenant order: the lieutenant's order has to be inserted to the orders reserve at the beginning of the turn and can be used by the lieutenant as always. A player may decide not to include its lieutenant's reserved order.
      Additional orders : a model arriving on the field with his own order does not provide order to the reserve at the beginning of the round. You can play a reserved figurine anytime during activation, it uses its own order as in conventional rules.

      At the beginning of the turn, before the impetuous are played, all markers involved are removed from the table, then the players calculate their new pool of orders.


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