Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ork deffkoptas(more)

I'll have the same please, but his time with a smidge of conversion, yah sorry guys, its more deffkoptas.
These weren't converted by me. The base models is the same old one from the assault on black reach box-set.
Every one has had its rockets switched out for shootas as well as some various bits used for buzzsaws, one is also carrying a bomb.

This caps the number of koptas I have painted for my buddy to the maximum that you could fit in one force org.
Makes me wonder what one would want to do with 15 of these.

The only way I'm seeing deffkoptas being used are as single model units.
Their uses vary from decoys, meat shields and handy-dandy unit for taking overwatch in place of another basically decoys.
Which is why you will probably never see more than 3 in a unit which already seems to maximize shootyness as well as staying power.
Enough with the in-game jibber-jabber here are the pics.

I have also been working on an important project to me which I will reveal on the blog...hopefully soon.
Hope you enjoyed!
And until next time, happy wargaming!


  1. Another wonderful bad moonz paint job. Hope the client likes them...they are proper orky and great!

    I'm hoping these guys get a nice point drop in the new codex!

    1. Thank you sir, always appreciated!
      Hope the client likes em too(though I'm quite confident he will as he did the 10 previous)!

      About the model in game a point drop would indeed mean you would see more on the table..and that would definitely be the case if GW made a new kit they wanted to sell.

      Cheers for your comment!

  2. Great stuff always! How long did it take you to paint one of them roughly? Atm I'm painting a piranha but its taking me ages, any tips to shorten the load? Nice again.

    1. Thanks as always!

      II find that sometimes decomposing painting steps into smaller steps can actually speeds things up if not just by keeping you motivated, especially when working on a unit.


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