Monday, July 27, 2015

Tyranid MC's and a Deathwing sergeant


Hi there.
Thought I'd share a slice of the Nids currently coming off my painting line.

A Swarmlord:

The model was magnetized to also pass as a flyrant(yees laarge magnets for the wings).

This next one is an interesting conversion(not by me only assembled by me) reminiscent of the queen from aliens.

Now here's the crown jewel. :p

Though one can easily recognize the sword from the deathwing command squad box-set; That sworded hand and storm bolter arm are the only bitz that originate from that box.

The conversion is mainly comprised of the dark vengence sergeant torso, legs and right arm, the front of the torso is from the AoBR terminator sergeant, and finally a maxmini shoulder pad...because that's what I had laying around!

"I've got this bros."
 "Okay maybe not."

The following models work well as a cheaper proxy for mucolid sprores: the forge world meiotic scpores.

Note to self:
Black primer
White overspray
Base Rakarth flesh
Shadows Karak stone
Pallid wych flesh overspray

Hope you enjoyed and unitl next time,
Happy hobbying!


  1. Holy !@#)&!@$& that swarmlord conversion/flyrant model is AMAZING. Love it! This is absolutely brilliant stuff. Love everything!

    1. Glad you like it!
      As always, thank you for the encouragements!


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