Saturday, August 29, 2015

Vindicare Assassin

Hi there, long time no post, just wanted to share with you my latest completed mini.

This assassin come from the Assassinorum Execution Force stand-alone box game GW released recently...because that is currently the only way to get them!...even though there are rumors for them to be released as solo clam-packs, some time soon .
So yes, more models of this box are to be expected...some time this life. :p

Don't mind the static grass on his right knee I forgot to brush it off. :s

As far as painting goes it's pretty much the GW scheme as presented in White Dwarf, but done by following a tutorial by Mr.Watchingpaintdry.
Tutorials for all the other assassins as well as many others can be found on his channel.

Hope you enjoyed!
Until next time, happy hobbying!


  1. Beautiful job on the assassin. The shading is spot on, and he looks Sooooo good. Really well done!


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