Thursday, September 17, 2015

How excited are you about Tau?

Death in the skies! Death from above! Death from below! Death in mid-air! Death from Milwaukee!
So, it's been on the interwebs for quite a while now, Tau are next in line for a 40k release.

But are how truly excited are we?(and I mean this as a royal we...also because I have multiple personalities and one of them hates 40k).

Having not seen any 40k releases for over 3 months now(which is madness considering the speed of releases of the past 3-4 years) the back of our necks has been itching for a long overdue fix.
Does that necessarily mean what we've been for with angst and cold shivers is just the fix we've been waiting for?

As a Tau player myself I wonder how it came across that Tau needed an update...because really in my opinion they kinda didn't...granted the current codex is "already" 3 years old.
But being no space marine codex, it should in no way be considered on the same release schedule...that and the fact that the current dex is no slouch.

Couldn't help the feel of unease reading Rob Bear's article saying Tau NEED an update...they sure welcome it, as anyone would, but I do believe "need" is too strong of a word in this case, especially when like me you have played through 5th edition.

All this to say, it just seems that these days Tau just can't stand being on a diet, and not unlike Kim Jung Un, have a weakness for cheese...and just like these guys, will never feel guilty for eating the last oreo.

Hope you enjoyed this short little ramble, and as always, happy hobbying!

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