Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Genestealers 2: The New Batch

Why hello there, I'm that creepy neighbor of yours that goes outside with his spray can...and as you can tell by the title of this article, also a big Gremlins fan.

These genestealers are the new and final batch from the nids.
Models are from the Deathstorm box-set that featured Tyranids as well as Blood Angels.
Unfortunately the Broodlord (Alpha in french) that came with the box was incomplete and the bases were missing and afaik GW doesn't sell that small oval yet individually.

Anyways had a blast building and painting these.

The genestealer has always been a favorite of mine amongst the poster boy for tyranids (greatly inspired by Giger's alien).
Genestealer cult was also sought to be a rumor as a upoming release for 40k...though maybe it'll be more likely to happen in necromunda because as we all know GW is resuscitating it's old IP in the form of the "specialist" games...exciting times for the hobby!

Hope you enjoyed!
And until next time, happy hobbying!


  1. What set did the scything talons on the broodlord come from? I've had a spare spawn for a while that i wanted ST on but all I had spare were carnifex ones which looked too big, yours seem just right.

    1. Good question: the talons are from the Hive/Tyrant Guard box.
      They come in two parts(arm and hand/scythe).
      They shouldn't be too hard to find as they aren't needed to build Hive Guard, and are most probably not a good option for Tyrant Guard. ;)

    2. Also tried Warrior scything talon but those looked too thin...these were indeed the perfect match!

    3. Thanks need to get more hive guard anyway also great painting job, I commend anyone painting a white army


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