Saturday, January 2, 2016

CPM: A comp system for wahammer 40k.

Hi there, happy 2016, best of wishes for the new year...and hope for all of mankind! XD

As you must know I'm an admin on the Tau francophone forum Tau'va Tsua'm.

Recently(that is in the past few months) many of our users confessed to having adopted a comp system for 40k called the CPM.

But what is a comp system some of you might ask?
-Does it stand for competition?
Absolutely not. It's an army composition system that applies restrictions to list building.
-Does 40k really need restrictions in list building?
You bet it does, if you aint no fluffy bunny, best believe I ain't playing you without one. :p

The following comp system was created by a tight group of TO's and users from the biggest francophone miniature wargaming forum: the warhammer forum aka Le Warfo.
It is constantly updated through public opinion, game testing and tends to deal in a timely manner with all the new releases GW throws at it.

Like any comp system it is by no means perfect, but I for one appreciate the work that has been put into it as far as dealing with common abuses in 40k, and in a game where there is already so much material to start out with, it is a huge amount.

Also like every community based tool for a game, using it doesn't necessarily mean adopting that I mean using as a tool not as a rule.
When you are fully aware of it's limitations, it's a great tool to try and bring some balance back into the game.

It may not be the end all be all of 40k but sure is imo a most useful tool for all french speaking TO's or anyone who fancy's a well balanced pickup game.

I wish there was an english version to share with all you guys because this is by far the best comp system for 40K Ive tried so far(also quite hard on Tau, Eldar and Necrons :p ):

Fix the number of PM(points of monstrosity) you want to be allowed in your game(that is if you want any) and you are all set!

Here an example for the system using 2 PM:

 If I take a Stormsurge(2 PM) you can then can get an IK(1 PM) plus some formation or IC that also costs a PM...the name of the game is finding some balance without taking too much away from the game (ie keeping anyone from bringing their latest toy).

Also as I was reading the comments on a youtube video(Fritz if you ask) and couldn't help but react to some of the negativity around one of the armies of 40k that I've loved playing since the beginning, and have recently gotten a release: the Tau.
What got my panties in a bunch was the claim that all Tau players were campers.
I never fancied myself a camper and I will never enjoy playing 40k that way...I had to react, you know, because youtube! XD

That being said a lot of the codex's shootyness(a good third of the book) is OP.
But without all of these fancy toys Tau can clearly be dealt with just like any other army: shot down or easily overwhelmed in CC(assuming you get there :p ).
I also recommended using the CPM comp system when playing Tau because it settles most, if not all of balancing issues with this codex...and many others!
I'm thinking an english translation must be available somewhere, but I yet have to find one.

Hope you enjoyed nonetheless this short ramble.
And until next time, happy hobbying!

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