Saturday, January 2, 2016

XV25 Stealths

Hey again, here's a bunch of stealths painted for my buddy's grey and red tau army (optimised stealth cadre much? :p).

That's right a formation that makes stealths playable in a hardcore setting. :p
The antennas not assembled on most of these isn't a choice of each his own!

I know I shouldn't talk about anything that pisses me off with GW but the Tau codex not being entirely revamped was a major downer to fact Mont'ka got all the in-game cool stuff I was hoping for with the codex release...but hey better late in a 60€ book then never.

Mont'ka is imho a better book then Kauyon(which has everything from the new codex and more) not because the formations are necessarily better but because they offer more of that in-game variety you would expect from a new release...well that's if you give a shit about it. :p

Hope you enjoyed!
And until next time, happy hobbying!

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