Friday, June 24, 2016

Some battle pics

Had these laying around on my PC so rather then letting them go to waste I thought I'd share.

This fist batch is from a battle between my DA+Imperium vs my buddy's Orks.

Got lucky on my DW deepstrikes but wasn't enough to balance out the fact I lost my IK a bit too early to that stompa which was then almost unstoppable packing some devastating firepower as well.

This next batch is from a larger and much earlier battle and still against my buddies orks... mind you this was still 6th Ed 40k, so don't ask why my riptide wing didn't pulverize his lines. ;)

This time I had mostly footslogging tau...which would of worked if I'd had better shooting with my farsight bomb.

Which subsequently got punked in close combat.

Farsight be gone.
 Hold the line!

 Brace yourselves for impact!

 As a moral victory his warboss did end up getting killed by some lowly firewarrior. :p

2 and a half riptides concede. :p

Hope you enjoyed this little slideshow!
And until next time, happy hobbying!

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