Monday, August 22, 2016

Eversor Assassin

Coming through with the last of the assassins: the eversor.
Didn't go all out on his base like I was hoping to but this I'll have to do.

As usual can't thank enough Mr.Watchingpaintdry for his tutorials which really helped me get through these minis.

Didn't follow them thoroughly but they are a great help, especially on the method of painting(which I usually lack), to try and speed things up.
I didn't go for as light a red on the armor as I found a darker red(light blend of khorne red on a black base with mephiston edging) would suit better the character of the mini as well as not making it stand out too much from the other assassins I had previously painted.

Here's the execution force in all it's glory:

Hope you enjoyed!
Until next time, happy hobbying!


  1. Excellent job Malthus. They look fantastic together, and I particularly like your attention to detail on them, especially the lenses!

    1. Thanks Greg! The devil is in the details! ;)

  2. Magnifique ! ^^

    En voilà une fine équipe pour aller se livrer à des frappes chirurgicales ^^


    1. Merci à toi!
      Et félicitations pour les 600 000 vues! ;)

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