Saturday, May 20, 2017

Infinity proxies

Long time no see!
Here are a couple of infinity models(I believe they are called T.A.G's) from the panoceania faction that I thought would make good proxies for tau battlesuits.

I did some minor conversions like on the dragoes(blue one) where I switched the weapons for tau ones.
Also the guija(red one) has had his baby arms removed.

I thought he would make a good Farsight...mind you he is not yet finished(don't we always say that?).
As a bonus here's a couple of zombicide models that I painted up:

Hope you enjoyed!
until next time, happy hobbying!


  1. Bravo pour les conversions des TAG (le Dragoes est de la faction PanO et le Guija est de la faction Yu Jing) !!

    C'est très original et en plus cela se converti très bien ^^


    1. Merci! Me semblait qu'ils étaient tout les deux pan'o...mais oui je me disais bien qu'il avait un style différent. ^^'


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