Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fun with bitz part deux: Tau drone.

Behold, the nautilus drone.
This model was my entry for the tau'va forum's painting/modelling contest for the month of august.

This is what happens when I get challenged to create a drone out of my bits.

I thought this could possibly make a good proy/stand-in for a drone turret (SMS most probably).

Just in case you might be interested, here's the list of bitz used to complete the model:

  • A lot of you may have recognized  the head of a ghostkeel(you get an extra one in the kit) that I turned upside down hacked and greenstuffed(poorly but that's another subject).
  • The main optic is a airsoft pellet.
  • The central disc as well as the sides of the drone are comprised of crisis shield generators(4 of them).
  • The tubes between the discs are made of greenstuff, made with a tentacule maker(roller maker from greenstuffworld).
  • The missiles are from the centurion kit.
  • The reactor at the rear is comprised of two crisis arms(leftover from the old broadside kit), glued together.

  • The rear of the drone is really it's downfall as my greenstuffing skills are not up to snuff.

    Hope you enjoyed this little showcase,
    As always, happy hobbying!


    1. That looks great and reminiscent of the drones in Tom Cruise's film Oblivion! Ha

      1. Thanks! I hadn't thought about that. You are right, they do look similar. ;)


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