Monday, December 11, 2017

Bitzing it up again and DA primaris

Heyoo, here's a brief retrospective on a couple projects that I completed for past tau'va forum contests.

Here's a bits list for my model:
- the head is from the ghostkeel kit.
- the torso and arms are from one of the devilfish pilots you get with the devilfish/HH sprues.
- extra legs from the old firewarrior kit.
- the pistol is a difficult conversion I achieved because I still don't own any of the new kits and  forgot that they now come on sprues.
- the sword is a "stygian blade" from kromlech.
- the base is the inside of a devilfish door.

For the painting I have none other to thank than knar51(fellow tau'va admin) for his tutorials (warning in french) for painting both the red armor and the skin.

I modeled this guy after seeing this creation by niania inspired by an old farsight artwork:

Here's a link if you wish to have a look at some of the work from another better hobbyist then I'll ever be that is niania.

 The artwork in question from the first tau codex(3rd Ed):

The colorized version:

I also recon aun'va's guards might make for a better base for a most faithful conversion...but you can't be sure until you try. ;)

Next we have a "catachan like" guardsmen who has switched his alligeance to the greater good (otherwise known by true blood taus as a gue'vesa).

This guy is comprised of a maxmini head and an ork body from and GW oldie boxed game called gorkamorka.

Not quite down with my greenstuffing game, the proportions are bad and the cable is obvioulsy made from a tentacule maker...but I'll get better I promise, well hopefully someday.

As a bonus, another completed project in the form of the primaris space marines from the Dark Imperium box-set.

I haven't seen these models in the dark angels variant a lot...and the codex will be released this week, so here they are!

Hobby tip: .Though it does take some practice to master, microsol(and microset to a lesser extent) is a must for working with transfers.
Dabbing it on (microsol) litterally melts the transfer onto the surface...but it might also melt your paintjob! It is righfully recommended to protect your paintjob under the transfer with a varnish before applying microsol...or be sure to apply microsol scarcely! :p

The only special bit about these guys is the Gravis Captain converted by replacing his iron halo with the helm of the Dark Vengence (which was the previous 40k box-set) Terminator Sergeant.

Hope you enjoyed,
and as always, happy hobbying!

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