Friday, November 9, 2018

Kingdom death survivors + Tutorial

Ciaro oscuro, contrasting warm tones with cold ones and blablabla there ya go I desaturated my brain.

Thanks to this awesome tutorial I was able to try out an OSL effect that I would otherwise never have been able to attempt .

 Where I struggled was mixing the paints.
The tutorial requires some mixing to establish the two base colors.
Which can become a problem if you don't manage to keep those mixes alive and aren't so good at color matching.
 The lack of glazing medium to improve my drying times also didn't help.
Starting with the initial step which requires to wet blend those two bases.

The entire tutorial relies on those two colors for mixing intermediate tones and yeah, keep those colors alive if you don't want to be constantly mixing and trying and reproduce those base colors.

Another problem I encountered was with the bases where my OSL not only doesn't seem strong enough but has a colder tone then the model itself (this doen't show on all pictures)
I ended up adding some of the GW yellow wash to warm it up.

And that's pretty much all I have to say about this challenging yet fun experience.

As a bonus here's more of the HH Burnig of Propero miniatures.

As per usual, the warhammer TV tutorials came in handy as there is a playlist for most of the steps in painting these girls.

As always hope you enjoyed and happy hobbying!


  1. Brilliant work, the OSL looks great and the SoS look fabulous. Great stuff


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