Sunday, March 3, 2019

Watch Captain Artemis & some tutorials

Hey there, just a short update on some of my latest projects as well as a plug for some of my favorite youtube channels dedicated to the hobby.

This is my WIP of artemis. I had the primed model laying around for a long time, so after watching the following video I finally got inspired to start painting him:

I really recommend listening to what this man has to say. He's a great source of knowledge for anyone interested in improving their painting skills as well as overall knowledge of the hobby.

The way I painted my model (as in the colors I used) resembles more those used in this tutorial (warning in french):

I will add this caveat by telling you my model was glazed with some incubi darkness (to add coloration to an otherwise too grey model).

Next on the tutorial side of things, here's another great tutorial for a NMM power sword(since it's the most popular article on this blog I thought I'd share).
This tutorial, as well as others on the channel, is given by none other than award winning painter Sam Lenz:

I suggest you browse through both of these channels(Miniac and tabletop minions) as they are a never ending source of tips and tutorials as well as overall great sources of inspiration.

Hope they inspire you to improve your painting like they did for me.

Moving on with other past projects in the form of custodes (which finishes off my HHburning of prospero box-set):

These were painted using the following WarhammerTV tutorial:

Finally the latest addition to my dark imperium deathguard in the form of blightlord terminators:

Hope you enjoyed this little update.
And as always, happy hobbying!

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